About PSA’s


PSA’s are Public Service Announcements.  Many stations give away free time on the radio (Typically once or twice an hour, sometimes up to 5 times an hour), radio/audio spots that are information that the public could benefit from.

Examples of spots include:

  • Local non-profit events (e.g. Library series on various topics),
  • Services by non-profit groups that benefit the community (e.g. on-campus walk-safe programs) or
  • Highlight key historical knowledge sharing (e.g. Black history month stories).

How it works

Most campus/community radio stations offer this as a service. This system allows for national/provincial level PSA’s to be shared across the NCRA/ANREC membership, for play on their local stations.  Stations who are interested in the system (currently about 1/2 or NCRA/ANREC members are signed-up to participate in this project), receive an e-mail when a new spot is available.  They can decide if they wish to air the spot or not.  Each station makes its own decision on what to put on the air.  The NCRA/ANREC just supports sharing that information to stations through this system.  If you want to see what stations played your spot, and roughly how often, you can sign up for a tracked PSA and stations may opt to send you that data in return for funds. If you want guaranteed plays, we suggest advertising.


PSA’s should be no longer than 30 seconds, in MP3 (320k) or Wav quality.  If you have a pre-developed PSA, please share it at the time you contact us.  If you are looking for assistance in making a PSA, often stations step-up to assist at no charge, however, you would need to provide the related content for the spot.