Campus & community radio advertising

See for yourself: community radio is powerful.

The National Campus and Community Radio Association helps campus, community and Indigenous radio stations amplify under-represented voices. We foster and celebrate compelling local grassroots radio.

The heart of the community

Our stations are at the heart of their communities, which means that their listeners are fiercely loyal. A recent study found that 9% of Canadians listen to campus and community radio regularly and 17% are occasional listeners (Abacus Data, Fall 2022).

Why advertise with us?

47% of our listeners are active in their community creating opportunities for growth and change (Abacus Data, Fall 2022). This means that advertising on campus and community radio can help businesses and services reach listeners in a very personal way.

We are Canada’s most diverse media sector.

With a collective transmitter reach of 25 million people, advertising on campus and community radio gives you unparalleled geographic reach and niche access to specific audiences. When we combine forces, we can target audiences in any part of Canada, including:

  • students and campus communities
  • Specific geographic regions
  • Indigenous listeners, both on and off reserve
  • Seasonal tourist campaigns
  • rural communities
  • urban communities — small, medium, or large
  • official language minority communities
  • diverse cultural and linguistic communities
  • seniors and older listeners
  • music listeners in many genres

Reach listeners in many languages

Want to reach listeners in languages other than English or French? Campus and community radio reaches audiences in Amharic, Hindi, Greek, German, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Ukrainian, Bengali, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Punjabi, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Korean, Tagalog, Portuguese, Russian, Farsi, Urdu, Somali, Telugu, Armenian, Arabic, and many other Canadian languages.

We are way more than radio!

Want to run a radio + digital campaign? Many of our stations offer social media campaigns, placement on their websites or in member newsletters, live remotes, and pre-rolls on their podcasts or streams — these can add weight and reach to your advertising campaign.

Get your word out today!

Whether you want a targeted campaign in a small region, a provincial campaign, a multi-province campaign, or a national campaign, we will work with you to reach the people you want to reach for a fraction of the cost of advertising on commercial radio or in print.

We offer deep advertising discounts to independent Canadian musicians and Canadian nonprofits.

Contact Catherine at to find out more.